RaPOS - POS Solution

RaPOS (Rapid POS) is a Point of Sales (POS) Product from Aspend. Using RaPOS enables the companies to complete complex cash register transactions with minimal keystrokes in a FAST and ACCURATE way.

In this fast paced world, customers do not want to stand in the line for an extended period of time. Servicing the customers in quick time is essential to attract and maintain the customers. Our RaPOS allows you to accomplish this.

Salient Features:

  • A very simple user interface that greatly reduces the learning curve for cashiers
  • Careful selection of button colors that enables the cashiers to quickly navigate the button panels
  • All the screens on RaPOS has help button to explain the functionality of different buttons
  • Options to add bar code reader, thermal printer and also credit card processor


OutPerform – Performance Management Solution

OutPerform is a Performance Management Solution from Aspend. The solution allows a company to complete Performance Appraisal (PA) of a company in an efficient and cost effective manner. It allows the company to concentrate on the Performance Appraisal of the employees and not on the procedure to do the appraisal. Leave the procedure part of Performance Appraisal to us.

Salient features:

  • Configurable time period for the PA process. PA can be done on a quarterly, semi-annual or on annual basis
  • Automatic reminder mail generation to employees and managers to accomplish the PA process in a timely manner
  • Smooth integration of new employees who join the organization in the middle of a PA process
  • A great set of reporting tools that allow the management to filter, sort employees based on different PA parameters

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